Virtual Reality in Medicine

It’s not just for gaming. How can virtual reality improve medicine? Learn about the different ways health care professionals use virtual reality to better treat their patients.

How, When, and Why to Come Out

LGBTQ people might decide to come out, which is when you tell people about your gender or sexual orientation. Learn more about what it means to come out, why some people do it, and tips on how to do it.

Friendships Post-COVID: Resume, Repair, or Replace?

As the pandemic in the U.S. appears to be winding down and society opens up, many people are eager to reconnect with friends they haven’t seen in person for months or even longer, while others have discovered reasons to reconsider long-term relationships strained over the past year.

How to Stay Truly Safe in the Sun

Summer is around the corner, and with the pandemic waning for many, the CDC encourages people to spend more time unmasked outdoors. But protecting yourself from the sun is more important than ever, and questions about sunscreen safety may make you wonder how to do it.

How to Make New Friends

Learn more about adult friendships, how and where to make new friends, how to make online friends, what not to do, and when you know you’re friends.

Ending a Friendship

Learn how to tell if your friendship is unhealthy, signs that it’s time to move on, how to end it in a healthy way, and whether you can ever be friends again.

Life After Alcohol

Drinking alcohol is becoming less of a social norm and more of a lifestyle choice. Learn how others chose to get sober, ways to handle tricky social situations, and find fulfilling new habits.