Light, Camera, Action: Movie’s Color Palettes

Nowadays, going to the movies could turn into a real movie script. It’s a drama that sometimes becomes a sci-fi odyssey because sitting down in a movie theatre looks like something impossible. Films tell us stories that move us. Some are even so great, that they become part of our own lives.That’s why today we … Read more

Talent, Power, and Creativity: 5 Designers to Feel Inspired

Design is the core of Freepik Company. It’s what has made everything possible and how we interact with the world. That’s why International Design Day is also a special date for us to celebrate. The company is formed by many skilled and inspiring designers, each with different talents and creative aptitudes, making the Design team diverse … Read more

Our Top 5 Figma Plugins

Last time we talked about Figma and why our designers like it so much. One of the perks we mentioned was the use of plugins, and today, we’ll dive further into this. Figma launched plugins in 2019, and the community welcomed this new feature with opened arms. Plugins help automize work, be faster, and more … Read more

Why Do You Need to Start Using Figma Right Now

Launched in 2016, Figma quickly became one of the most famous ( and favorite) tools for UI designers.  Figma is a vector-based cloud tool that helps UI teams to work on projects and collaborate with others. Our teams are using Figma for quite some time now, and we could not be happier. If you are … Read more

Tips and Inspiration for Your Next Scrapbooking Project

Even if you don’t call it scrapbooking, I’m sure you have done one of this, or have one at home. They are not only photo albums but crafted pieces that gather beautiful memories of travels, weddings, baby books, or other important events.  In a scrapbook, you can include photos, maps, fabrics, stickers, ribbons, laces, tickets, … Read more

Must-read Graphic Novels That Inspired Our Team

Graphic novels are powerful. The union of writing and visual elements makes them both entertaining and interesting. But they are also inspiring and educational; we can learn from their art and also from their messages.  One of the main differences between these and comics is the narrative. Graphic novels’ stories are more complex and usually … Read more